Anti-Corruption Case Management System

It was extremely hard to ascertain corruption record of an individual based on manual and paper based system and it took days to search in archives. Based on this, issuance of No Enquiry Certificate (NEC) from Directorate of Anti- Corruption for postings and promotions used to be a huge challenge. An online case management system developed by the PITB now enables online inspection of employees records and issuance of the NOCs in an efficient manner. The ACCMS can also be used to launch a complaint against a government employee, possibly leading to an inquiry. A comprehensive online database makes it easy to monitor progress on cases. Anti-Corruption Establishment officers can also log into the system to access the database (according to their respective jurisdiction), generate reports and identify trends aiding policymaking. Keeping track of all changes and updates in the system is critical. The Audit Trail allows one to keep track of all such updates thus providing a transparent mechanism to evaluate cases on merit. Moreover, an android-based mobile application enables tracking and recording onsite inquiries for better transparency.