Automated Fare Collection

In 2012 - 13, the Transport Department asked the PITB to implement an Automated Fare Collection and Bus Scheduling System for the first Metro Bus corridor in Pakistan. Over 200 million rides have been processed via this system since its implementation in 2013. In Lahore, approximately 165,000 riders use the system everyday. Building upon the success in Lahore, PMA has extended the AFC-BSS solution to its other corridors in Pakistan.

Key Components


  • Contact-less RFID based re-usable ticketing
  • Multi-ride cards, with self-service balance load facility via Ticket Vending Machines
  • Secure, turnstile-based gated entry into stations
  • On-station passenger information system
  • Real-time bus tracking and communication system
  • Central helpline to facilitate riders

Key Benefits

  • Secure and speedy station access for passengers.
  • Standardised system and access method across all stations.
  • On-time/on-schedule bus arrivals and departures due to real-time bus tracking – to curb delays and bus bunching
  • Control center support and real-time analysis, ridership data, and corridor load management
  • Robust and integrated solution – easily extendable to multiple corridors across geographic regions