Bulldozer Booking Management System

The Agriculture Department possesses more than 300 bulldozers. Manual monitoring of bulldozers under use at field sites did not allow accurate recording of fuel consumption and cost of repair and maintenance of the machines. With manual reporting, there were also no timely updates onĀ  availability of bulldozers. PITB was consulted to develop a system for booking management and real time tracking of bulldozers working in the field. All Agricultural Department bulldozers have now been installed with GPS trackers to monitor fuel consumption, distance travelled, and location of the machines in real time. PITB has also developed an online booking system with an integrated queue management (first in - first out) allowing more transparency. The Agriculture Department can now review each activity against its bulldozers and allocated resources in real-time. The system also sends SMS alerts to farmers on each successive step in online booking of bulldozers. The bulldozer booking management system has led to more effective allocation of resources. It has streamlined the booking process and ensured greater transparency.