Citizen Engagement and Public Perception Analysis

Citizen Engagement and Public Perception Analysis for improving Governance & Service Delivery in Punjab – CEPPA


This project is proposed to develop a mechanism to gauge public opinion on various issues and thereby evaluate public sector programs by developing a feedback loop to make it more informed and inclusive. Public policy can be charted and mid- course corrections to programs can be affected in real-time, rather than as an afterthought upon completion of the project / program. This will allow an active engagement of the citizens with the government. The public opinion surveys shall provide a direct interface between the citizens & the state and allow for public policy to be formed by public opinion. This will enable citizen voices to be heard directly by the policy makers and implementers.
The Punjab Information Technology Board has taken many initiatives that directly relate to improving service delivery in the field using smart phones based applications and other innovative approaches. Over a period of time PITB has developed many tools and techniques that can help to get data from the field / surveyors directly from the source. The applications developed by PITB will enable survey firm selected trough the competitive process to use these applications so that the PITB can easily evaluate / view the progress made in survey at any point in time through dashboards etc.