Celebrating Our Unsung Heroes…!!!

Friday, February 6, 2015

Heroes are those who go an extra mile and do something exceptional which inspires others to leave their comfort zones and ask more from the life. There are numerous national and international heroes who are in the limelight and acknowledged and celebrated by everyone.

However, there are countless individuals out there who have done great things for their communities, yet are unknown to us. These are the individuals who can be a source of inspiration to millions of us. And right now, Pakistan is in dire need of such heroes.

‘Celebrating Our Unsung Heroes’ is aimed at highlighting the anonymous individuals and promoting their examples who have broken the shackles of societal limitations and outperformed, with limited resources, merely on the basis of their vision, courage, and determination.

We at PITB aim to celebrate these individuals and make them public so they could be an example to others, especially our youth. Therefore, we ask you to send us the details of any such individual from your family, friends, or social circle that you know well and who have done something extraordinary and not acknowledged. We will publish their stories on our social media pages.

Send us the following details of the nominated person:
  • Person’s complete name and contact
  • A picture
  • Detail of the work (400-500 words)
  • Social media profiles of the people (if available)
  • Recorded video message of the person (if possible)

Each month, one such profile will be published. Last date to send the entries is 25th of each month. The story will be published on the 1st of each month. Email your entries at: heroesofpakistan@pitb.gov.pk