Citizen Facilitation & Service Centers

Setting up one-window cells within specific government departments is not a new idea but establishing a onestop shop with representation of multiple departments and provision of services offered by these departments has never been tried in Pakistan before. The Citizen Facilitation and Service Centres (e-Khidmat Markaz) are now operational in Lahore, Rawalpindi, Faisalabad, Sargodha, Gujranwala and Sahiwal districts. These centres offer 17 different services like Domicile Certification, Traffic Fine Collection and Issuance of Route Permit. The PITB plans on establishing 10 e-Khidmat centres in nine divisions of the Punjab by end of 2017.

  • No. of visitors at the centres are: 700K+
  • No. of applications processed are:  350K+
  • Turnaround time across Punjab is: 99%


Setting up facilitation centers across the Punjab will help the government achieve the following objectives:

  • Empowerment of citizens by providing easy access to public services
  • Effective, efficient, prompt hassle-free and corruption-free service delivery
  • Greater accountability and transparency
  • Standardisation of public service delivery across Punjab
  • Extending access to un-served groups
  • Simplifying transaction procedures
  • Minimising costs to citizens
  • Minimising cost to government (internal efficiency)
  • Increasing government revenue
  • Increasing public satisfaction index