Data Centre

Distributed and small-scale data centres and server rooms dispersed across various government offices faced the challenge of maintaining round-the-clock power supply and cooling, as well as upkeep of servers and services. Departments also needed to maintain reserves of fuel and run gensets during power outages and employ extra technical staff in shifts for 24/7 operations. Despite these measures, services often faced frequent downtimes.

To resolve these problems, the PITB has established a Tier-III Data Centre at Arfa Software Technology Park for consolidation of IT services deployed across provincial government departments.

The Data Centre offers co-location, IAAS, PAAS, and other cloud services to both the public and private sector. The centre is equipped with latest technology infrastructure for sophisticated and powerful computing. It meets critical cost controls with lower operational expenses through its converged infrastructure technology and delivers exceptional reliability and uptime using redundant infrastructure supported by 100% Service Level Agreements (SLAs).

The state of the art HVAC systems and uninterrupted power solutions are specially designed for efficient and uninterrupted service delivery. The centre guarantees 24/7 availability and the uptime of services to 99.998%. There is efficient utilisation of spare capacity to eliminate resource wastage. This project has minimised IT staff requirements. There is huge cost and energy savings by transformation from a distributed DC model to a centralised data centre. This is leading to rapid deployment of applications and IT services by the government.

All Punjab government departments have started shifting their IT services and delivery infrastructure to the PITB Data Centre due to its secure, reliable and guaranteed uptime services. It currently hosts up to 80% of IT services of different departments of GoPb with more departments now requesting this service as well. This has led to consolidation of IT services and a centralised IT infrastructure for the Punjab government.