Database of Livestock Farmers

The database of farmers aims to facilitate livestock farmers across Punjab; a key priority for the departments under subject is to “know their customers."

Livestock and Dairy Development Department

Livestock and Dairy Development Department has an extensive network of over 3,500 service centers such as CVH, CVD, Mobile Dispensary and Veterinary Center across province. These service centers provide vital support services to farmers, including treatment of animals, artificial fertilization, vaccination campaigns, and information services. These centers also play a vital role in the event of disease outbreaks. Veterinary officer/ veterinary assistants and technicians are appointed at service centers to run operations.

Agriculture Department

Agriculture extension services focus on the provision of advisory services to citizens across Punjab, District Officer Agriculture (DOA) is assigned to every district to guide farmers through the process of making Punjab an agriculture rich country.
Database of farmers capture farmer details (contact and demographic), livestock-specific information, land and crop details. Farmer registration is an on-going endeavor with more farmers being identified and added to the database on daily basis. To top that all service centers of livestock are also mapped within the system with details of veterinary officers and veterinary assistants.

Project Highlights

  • Farmer and farm profiles via unified platform being exposed to Agriculture and Livestock Department
  • Identify distribution of farmers, livestock strength, land and crop information and their needs for planning and budgeting purposes
  • Run campaigns for registered farmers (distribution of Wanda) and log responses accordingly
  • Establish relationship of farmer with designated service center
  • Run mechanism for feedback calls
  • Turn out ratio at service centers
  • Disease outbreak analysis (for livestock)
  • Utilization of services rendered (for livestock vaccination and medication)

Exemplary Collaboration

The solution is based upon a collaborative relationship between Punjab Information Technology Board and Livestock and Dairy Development Department.

Current Standing

Livestock and Dairy Development Program is operational since July 2011 and database of farmers got operational during August 2012. Both of these projects are live in 36 districts throughout Punjab.

  • More than 1,100,000 farmers registered
  • More than 3500 service centers entered into the system
  • More than 1300 veterinary officers and veterinary assistants