Driving License Issuance Management System

Previously, driving licenses were issued with no uniformity and no centralised record of applicants across the province. The government of the Punjab felt the need for a centralised and uniform system and sought PITB’s help in this regard. PITB developed the Driving License Information Management System (DLIMS) to automate the process of issuance of driving licenses, their renewal and upgrades across the province. The system provides quick processing service to the public and up-to-date statistics to authorities by using state-of-the-art technology and equipment. Customer care standards have been enhanced so that applicants visit the license testing centre only once for the test.

Salient Features

Enlisted below are the salient features of the project:

  • Centralised issuance and management of driving licenses
  • Centralised database of licensing system for the entire province
  • A hassle-free approach to applying for and receiving a driving license
  • Centralised driving license printing facility
  • Delivery of issued licenses through courier
  • Reduction of vehicle-related crimes
  • Creating a data hub to facilitate other agencies
  • Increasing the revenue and ensuring transparency

Digitalisation of the driving license system has immensely benefitted applicants who now get driving license delivered at their doorstep. The users can also track and verify their driving license information online. The DLIMS system is operational in all 36 districts of the Punjab. Over three million regular and 50,000 international licences have been issued through this system. More than 7,000 entries are made daily, making it the biggest database in the entire province.