District Management Price Control

The provincial government is employing digital monitoring mechanism and toll free helpline devised by the PITB for recording complaints against profiteering and hoarding in trade of essential commodities. An online price control and monitoring system has been developed and deployed since October 2013. District magistrates use the system in their daily price checks. The online system has also provided for citizens awareness and feedback regarding commodities prices. PITB is now developing a multi-level pull base SMS system for gathering feedback. The GIS-based system provides for predictive modeling for prices.

  • Android Apps and 1,500 phones given to field staff of Agriculture, Labour, and Food Departments and Special Branch officials for spot checking
  • Fine imposed: 771,848,259/- PKR
  • No. of Persons in FIR: 117,709
  • Persons arrested: 88,525
  • Markets visited: 1,222,084