E-Vaccs for KPK & Balochistan

E-Vaccs is an android-based application conceived by the provincial EPI department and developed by the Punjab Information Technology Board. Using e-Vaccs, vaccinators record each and every child in Punjab that gets vaccinated and share the complete set of geo-tagged data on real-time basis (including with name, age, address, father’s phone number and immunization history). The initiative has helped overcome the issue of tracking missed and ‘not available’ children and removed the traditional paper based record keeping process.

Launch in KPK and Balochistan

On the basis of its huge success in the Punjab province, the other provinces including KPK & Balochistan also requested for PITB’s support in replicating e-Vaccs services in their respective areas.

Due to the conservative nature of a large segment of these provinces in a particular, the women and girls remain the most separated from basic health facilities. Even when health facilities are available in their neighborhood, there is also the concern of whether they will be allowed to leave without a male chaperone. E-Vaccs, by taking vaccinations to the doorsteps of the people of KPK and Balochistan, will directly impact the percentage of vaccinations.

Impact in KPK

In KPK, phase 1 of e-Vaccs was launched in all 25 Districts of KPK with 2000 registered vaccinators, in August 2016. PITB provided their full support to KPK Government including, but not limited to, technical, operational, and training.

As a result of e-Vaccs launch in KPK, the vaccinator attendance rose up to as high as 70% in November 2017 (an increase of 31%, since launch). Till date, over 458,000 entries have been submitted in KPK and the number is rapidly increasing.


Impact in Balochistan

Government of Balochistan launched e-Vaccs in seven (7) of their districts with vaccinator base of around 300. With the launch of e-Vaccs, the overall attendance of vaccinators in Balochistan has gone up to 60% (Nov, 2017) from as low as 18% in Mar, 2017. Till date, around 40,000 children are vaccinated in Balochistan using e-Vaccs, which includes around 10,000 new EPI registered children.

Despite many challenges that exist in the two provinces in the shape of cultural conservatism and safety concerns for vaccinators, particularly in Balochistan, PITB along with the provincial roadmap teams, EPIs (Expanded Program of Immunization) and the concerned IDA (International Donor Agency) is committed in spreading eVaccs to all corners of the provinces by providing ready assistance and support.