e-Filing and Office Automation System

Government departments have to maintain a paperbased file for notes, approvals or proposals so it is imperative that these records remain easily accessible. In many cases, heavy losses were reported by various departments because a critical document was lost. The PITB has developed the e-Filing and Office Automation System to enable timely and effective management of official daily tasks and proceed towards a paperless office environment in the public sector. The main objective of this management software is to ensure that every correspondence is digitally accessible round-the-clock.

Digital copies of every official document are made and uploaded onto the system. These copies are also stored on a cloud server and archived for future use and reference. The e-FOAS also schedules meetings in a more efficient manner with the help of a scheduler which is backed up by an iOS/ Android mobile application. The application sends an SMS to all intended participants and notifies them about meeting timings and location. The system has minimised turnaround time for approval of notes, documents, office orders and notifications, resulting in increased efficiency. The PITB is in the process of deploying this system in 13 public agencies including the Law Department (GoPb), the Lahore Waste Management Company (LWMC), Bahawalpur Waste Management Company (BWMC), the Punjab Forensic Lab (GoPb), Chief Secretary’s Office and Camp Office, Planning and Development Department (GoPb), Finance Department (GoPb), Ombudsman Office (GoPb), S&GAD (GoPb), DIG Operations Office in Lahore (GoPb), the CPO’s Office, District Bahawalnagar (GoPb) and Overseas Pakistani Foundation Pakistan (OPF).