Trainings & Workshops

On 4th December, for the very first time a meetup for Hardware enthusiasts was arranged by Make-i-stan in collaboration with TechHub Connect!

Due to the massive growth in Mobile application development in recent years, hundreds of skilled people are needed in this domain by the local industry. PITB is providing trainings to IT students and graduates/professionals to learn and build more sophisticated and meaningful mobile applications for Android.

Today, the policy makers realize that they must produce policies that really deal with problems; policies that are forward looking and shaped by evidence gained through collecting data rather than a response to short-term pressures; policies that tackle causes not symptoms.

In the age of Cyber warfare, the organizations have a bigger responsibility to protect their data, systems and networks from any malicious attacks. This requires implementing a defense in depth approach that focuses on implementation of modern and effective technology governed by an efficient Information Security Management System.

A workshop on the MIT BLOSSOMS pedagogy was organized for school teachers to promote e-Learning. The workshop was delivered over video-conference by Professor Richard Larson and his team directly from MIT.

This workshop had an aim to train professionals from the local software industry on the design and implementation of large-scale distributed systems and cloud computing technologies.

The program is designed specifically to promote the vision of Government of the Punjab for capacity building.

Foreelancing Workshop is an initiative of TechHub Connect( Project of Punjab Information Technology Board). As part of giving back to the community, TechHub Connect's Management has empowered its top ranked freelancers to share their knowledge. Together, we hold workshops for people who want to take up freelancing as a career.