Exploring Opportunities by Salim Ghauri

University is a time when you explore yourself the most. Four years of academic and extra curricular pressures transform you from a teenager to a bachelor. If one compares ones interest in the first year and then the fourth year, most of the times, they're completely tranformed, more because you evolve as a person and so does your interest. For this reason usually, third and the fourth years of university life are the most important ones in terms of making decisions. After leaving university, some choose to pursue higher education, some choose to start working for others, some create employment by starting their own entrepreneurial venture and some choose philanthropy. None of the above decisions are wrong as such but students struggle to choose the best available option with life circumstances at that point. For this reason, TechHub Connect Management went to National University of Computer & Emerging Sciences to help them understand the initiatives being run to facilitate students as part of the program. Sarah Tariq Gilani, Program Manager of TechHub Connect introduced Connect Portal, ForeelancingWorkshop, CelebratingOurHeroes to the students and explained how they can benefit from them as students. This was followed by a talk by Salim Ghauri(CEO of Netsol Technologies) who spoke about his journey as an entrepreneur and how he managed to sign $100m agreement of Netsol Technologies in South Africa. The program ended with an extensive question and answer session and networking with TechHubConnect Management and Salim Ghauri. We would specially like to thank IEEE Nuces Lahore Student Branch & IEEE Industry Applications Society NUCES Lahore Chapter for their efforts in helping us arrange this in FAST NUCES, Lahore

Event Details

Date: January 13, 2016
Time: 1:00pm