How to build a startup in 100 days?

We were very happy to welcome back our alumni freelancer Mr. Kamran Zahid. Kamran was a part of the early cycles of TechHubConnect coworking space. An early believer as we say. He was a part of the team that started The Freelancing Factory. Kamran Zahid's journey joined the path of entrepreneurship after freelancing. Now he has experimented, failed, learnt and made it with a couple of his own startups. Kamran Zahid has a versatile career path. Having the entrepreneur mindset that he has, he started off his career by selling Lottery tickets. Then he kick-started his freelance career from a borrowed laptop. From the money he made through freelancing, he bore expenses of his family and eventually started his own entrepreneurial venture called iyshCleem. It is always very heartening to see freelancers exploring themselves and doing well in their lives. View Pictures

Event Details

May 21, 2017
10 am onwards
TechHub Connect