Integrated Command, Control and Communication Center

The overall aim of the IC3 Programme is to improve Punjab Police’s operational efficiency by deploying new hardware using up-to-date technology that will enable the Police to adopt more efficient working practices and new operating concepts. The role of the Police will not fundamentally change by the introduction of the IC3; the efficiencies relate to how that role is carried out from both process and performance perspectives. In progressing towards greater efficiencies, one of the IC3 aims is to bring together various elements of Punjab Police operation to work as a more unified team.

Service Areas

The IC3 operations will integrate the Command, Control, and Communication functions through 5 Services areas:

  • Emergency Call Centre (ECC) – ECC will be handling all incoming and outgoing public trunk calls in wake of emergency.
  • Dispatching Centre (DC) – DC will dispatch, monitor and support operational resources efficiently and timely manner.
  • Strategic Operations & Monitoring Suite (SOMS) – SOMS will proactively and intelligently monitor the public spaces and will include:
    • Video Management System is responsible for displaying video streams Video-Based Incident Detection system based on intelligent analysis of the video streams of the CCTV Cameras
    • Video Wall Management System (and video wall) to display video streams on the video wall
    • Automatic Number Plate Recognition (ANPR) Control System to control all ANPR equipment and archiving/retrieving recognized license plates
  • CCTV Control – CCTV Control will operate as a receiving and recording point for CCTV images that are available to the CCTV matrix for IC3 Centre. Images can be displayed and, where appropriate, passed into the SOMS and CMC at that Centre for viewing at work-stations and/or for display on the video-wall.
  • Crisis Management Centre (CMC) – CMC will plan and manage all the pre-planned and spontaneous major events through a defined escalation process to contain and manage a situation or an event through a clearly defined command structure. It will contain integrated tools that merge information in an environment that provides leadership quick and accurate data to evaluate situations. 

Operational Scope

These services will generate a level of required support that in some cases will be new work but in others will call upon existing support organizations and processes.  In particular these existing organizations will include database management, human resources, finance and facilities management. When completed, the new build IC3 Centre will become integral part of the technology infrastructure, allowing seamless access between the IC3 Centre and the wider Punjab Police (PP) and other agencies. The diagram below outlines the operational scope for the IC3 Programme.

Major Components

  • Command and Control System – including Command and Control Incident Management,
  • Geographic Information System (GIS), Resource Management System, Integrated Automatic
  • Resource Location System (ARLS), and Mobile Data Terminals
  • Integrated Video Management System (IVMS) – including System Control and Management, Digital Recording and Archiving, Specific Analysis Tools, Video Walls and Control Systems, and In-Vehicle Video Systems
  • Field Equipment – including Strategic Surveillance Locations, Surveillance of Public Places, Surveillance of Intersections, Surveillance of roads, Surveillance of Iconic Buildings Locations, Camera installation and Security and power and connectivity.
  • Implementation and Fit-out – including Data Centre fit-out, structured cabling, furniture and desktop as well as system integration and testing.

Brief Scope of Work

The scope of work is limited to area under the jurisdiction of Lahore City.  The key components of the scope for the System Integrator (SI) are provided below. The components may be added or deleted based on the design proposed by various bidders.   

  • Video surveillance
    • Video analytics
    • Installation of cameras
    • Set up of Command and Control Centre and live feed of:
      • cameras
      • Ariel Surveillance – Quad Copters
      • Specialized Vehicles equipped with wireless video feed mechanism to IC3  
  • Integrated Communication Platform to Voice Communication System to provide User Interface for telephone and radio communications.
  • Traffic management
    • ANPR  
    • ITMS
    • E-Ticketing against traffic violations
    • VMS
    • Handheld devices
  • Demand Management
    • Telephony demand via the ECC
    • Social Media
    • CCTV surveillance
    • Alarms
    • Intelligence
  • Response management
    • GPS enabled vehicles/ Automatic Vehicle Location System
    • Computer Aided Dispatch (CAD)
    • Resource Management
    • Operational planning for pre-planned and spontaneous events
    • Dispatching mechanism to relevant agencies  
  • Data Centre (DC) and Disaster Recovery Centre
    • Design and setup of primary DC and requisite hardware (computing) for Disaster Recovery Centre.   
    • Deployment and Installation of hardware including servers, storage, racks etc.
    • Detailed solution architecture
    • Applicants are required to determine the computing requirements as per proposed solution   
  • Network
    • Providing redundant connectivity through reliable media from cameras to Command and Control Centre; Command and Control Centre to DC; DC to DR; from handheld devices/ mobile vehicles to Command and Control Centre.  
    • Detail network diagram with network architecture
    • Provide all network components including all active and passive equipment.
  • Command & Control Centre hardware
    • Video Wall with allied accessories, Data center, LAN, PC, printers, scanners, switch/router, building security equipment etc.
  • Integration
    • Provisioning and Integration of the Security and Surveillance system with existing databases as per industry standards.  
    • Command and Control, GIS, Resource Management System, Computer Telephony Integration Applications, Integrated desktop, crime and intelligence Systems
    • GIS and location services
  • Training
    • Key element and is critical components for the success of IC3 Centre
    • Comprehensive training program for management, operational, maintenance, and support personnel