IT Infrastructure Deployment and Optimization

The Internet has today been proved to be one of the most economic ways that people across continents can communicate with each other. Email and instant messaging have today taken the place of courier and fax as reliable corporate communication devices. Email has become one of the driving forces behind connecting businesses to the Internet. It offers fast, economical transfer of messages anywhere in the world. The substantial cost-cutting associated with these facts have encouraged many businesses to invest in an implementation of email services. Email has considerable benefits over traditional paper based memo's and postal systems.
The information and communication (ICT) infrastructure deployment project would enable effective communication and collaboration across departments and locations (Division/Districts/Tehsils etc.) of Government of the Punjab. This project constitutes a key foundation for e-governance imitative of Government of the Punjab.


The vision of infrastructure optimization is to build an efficient, secure and optimized Information Technology (IT) infrastructure and services in a logical sequence. An optimized IT infrastructure is built upon IT standards and ensures confirmation to those standards. With each level of optimization, the IT infrastructure also brings about significant cost reduction, increased security, and improved availability, manageability, and more efficient and streamlined level of services.


  • Deployment of IT Infrastructure for effective governance.
  • Deployment of Email & Identity Management for 15,000 users of PITB & Government of the Punjab.
  • Hosting of all applications / services at a centralized Datacenter.

Salient Features

The salient features of IT infrastructure are:

  • Efficient Access Management
  • Increase enterprise IT security
  • Provide data protection for servers
  • Servers and Desktop Management
  • Improve End User Support
  • Centralized Hardware & Software monitoring and management
  • Efficient  remote support
  • The ability to delegate administrative control over resources wherever appropriate.
  • Easy access and sharing of data and information between different government departments
  • Centralized and consolidated email services on a secure platform
  • Rich set of productivity tools based on latest Microsoft technologies including calendar, tasking, contact management etc.
  • Improved productivity of users based on Audio, Video conferencing and user presence information
  • Secure access of services and data to users based on state of art security and protection technologies
  • Continuity of services and data protection through specialized and centralized data backup