Improving Online Web Presence

Websites are effective means to create awareness and disseminate information to the public at large. Realizing this fact, PITB has been facilitating various government departments in creating their official websites and portals to improve online presence of Government of the Punjab; which has been keeping up with the demands of the citizens in relation to:

  • Transparency
  • Greater engagement
  • Readily available information and services

PITB uses a proven Content Management System, used worldwide to deploy secure, reliable, and approval-based content workflow. Furthermore, it also facilitates the government departments with secure hosting environment for their websites/ portals. From content structuring and development, design conception to technical support, PITB trains the nominated officials of government departments on the user-friendly content management system to develop their websites. This capacity building ensures that once the website is up and running, departments have sufficient knowledge to regularly update & maintain the website on their own. As of now, more than 500 websites have been designed, developed and made live on the aforementioned management system. Over the years, PITB is committed to continuously facilitate and improvise the web presence of the government departments nationwide.

PITB over the years have made more than 500 websites live, year-wise list of the websites can be viewed here.