Law Portal - Online Availability of Laws

The Law Portal, an initiative of the Punjab Law and Parliamentary Affairs Department, enables the citizens to easily search an online repository of Punjab Laws for the purpose of monitoring and viewing the laws that have been implemented pertaining to all Government departments of Punjab.

The major beneficiary of this portal, providing global access to the Punjab Laws including both Substantive and Subordinate legislations, is the general public. However, it serves as a reference repository for the lawyers, judges, public servants, students, researchers, and others, to refer to a law (primary and delegated) in detail whenever required.

For providing free access to the Punjab laws, a stable and credible computerized content management system has been deployed.

System Features/Current Standing

  • Online Access to Principal (substantive) laws
    • All formatted laws (according to a standard template) have been uploaded and can be viewed Department wise, Alphabetically, Categorically or Chronologically
    • Workflow approval mechanism has been incorporated for uploading and updating substantive laws
    • More than 500 Laws of approximately 7000 pages have been uploaded from 1860 to date
  • Delegated legislations dovetailed with Principal laws
    • Workflow mechanism for uploading and approval of rules has been incorporated
    • Up till now almost 850 rules (approximately 2000 pages) have been dovetailed with respective substantive laws.
    • And this process continues as and when rules are being provided by the respective departments
  • Online Access to Punjab Gazettes
    • Punjab gazettes from 1947 to date are being uploaded through an online workflow management system.
    • Chronological listing of gazettes notifications can be viewed; up till now gazettes for 30+ years (1200 pages) have been uploaded.
  • Additional Features
    • Service Rules
      • Provision of department wise Service Rules has also been provided for the facilitation of end user.
      • Service rules of the departments are being uploaded and available as and when received from the departments
    • Amending Laws

      • Chronological listing of Amending Laws from 1947 till date is also incorporated. Though a workflow mechanism for all amending laws are being uploaded on the Punjab laws website
      • Up till now amending laws for 24 years (530 pages approximately) have been uploaded.
    • Proposed bills

      • To enable the public to contribute towards formulation of legislation so that they can provide their feedback, provision of uploading ‘Proposed bills’ has also been provided.
      • Whenever a bill is passed, it is then uploaded as a substantive law
    • Others

      • Constitution of Pakistan, Rules of Business and Punjab Assembly procedural rules have been uploaded to serve the public
      • Statistics of Most Viewed laws
      • Latest legislation and recently updated laws
      • Free text and advance search facility