Maintenance and Cleanliness System

Cleanliness and hygiene at public hospitals was not very good. A mechanism was required for implementation of standard operating procedures and regulation of cleanliness at public hospitals. The PITB developed the Maintenance and Cleanliness System (MACS) for secondary healthcare hospitals. This was an androidbased application, which regularly checks maintenance and cleanliness at hospitals with the help of random surveys by Monitoring and Evaluation Assistants (MEAs) at various hospitals.

The system records the cleanliness and maintenance of wards, operation theatres, labor rooms, toilets, waiting areas, corridors, stairs, emergency rooms, mortuaries and outpatient departments. In addition, pictures are collected as proof so that chances of forgery while submitting data are minimised. The system provides a comprehensive dashboard through which the management can see hospitals which have poor hygiene and maintenance. The system helped improve cleanliness and maintenance at public hospitals. From 14% cleanliness and 21% maintenance in early 2016, these numbers have improved to 65.29% cleanliness and 88% maintenance. So far, 6,168 visits have been conducted in 154 hospitals and 164,860 images have been uploaded to the system.