Monitoring and Evaluation System for NAB

National Accountability Bureau wanted a monitoring and evaluation framework to bring transparency and accountability in its operations. To materialize the idea of having an effective mechanism in place, they requested the Punjab IT Board to develop an M&E framework on the directions of the Supreme Court of Pakistan.

What is M&E Framework?

M&E aims to ensure that activities are executed as planned and the expected outcomes are achieved successfully within the given timeframe. The main philosophy is to improve the efficiency and to bring transparency in NAB’s operation.

Why was it Initiated?

The need for the system was originated from a requirement laid down by the Secretary of Law to see the total number of cases in each phase to track their progress. This system was proposed by the Supreme Court of Pakistan. As a result, it was designed by PITB and implemented in NAB.

How does it Work?

The prominent feature of Monitoring and Evaluation system is to prepare reports regarding entry of Complaints, Complaint Verification, Inquiry, Investigation, and Prosecution. The system enables a methodical trail of each case, allowing a user to further drill down to a level of detail he requires.

Four Different Phases of the System


The first phase is the complaint entry, followed by a complaint verification. Ideally, a complaint is processed within two months, but if it exceeds the defined time period, the unprocessed complain can be seen by a graphical representation.


The next step is inquiry, which should be processed in four months. Again, the system allows users to view the number of closed and unresolved inquiries in the form of graphical display, which makes it easier to see an overall progress of cases.


In the investigation section, the cases in question are investigated for further processing, and it also takes the same amount of time as inquiry, i.e., four months.


In this phase, all the cases, facing prosecution, can be seen. The percentage of processed and unresolved cases is represented on the same graphical display. Prosecution phase is completed in two months’ time.

At each stage, the impact and outcome are measured. For each impact and outcome in M&E framework an indicative report is generated. All the reports are viewed and analyzed by the concerned personnel, which assists and facilitates them in the decision-making process. Therefore, M&E not only gives a clear timeline of cases, but also provides an in-depth review of their progress.