Motor Transport Management Information System

Phase - I

The project “Motor Transport Management Information System” was the pilot project for integrated Computerization of Motor Vehicle Registrations, Motor Vehicle Examination, Issuance of Route Permits & Fitness Certificates, Issuance of Driving Licenses, Enforcement of Traffic Rules & Regulations, Automation of Motor Vehicle Records and Automation of Criminal Records.

The Phase-I of the project was started in year 2003, for district Lahore. Following were the stakeholders of this phase:

  • Excise & Taxation Department
  • Transport Department
  • Driving Licensing Authority
  • Environment Protection Department
  • Criminal Record Office

Salient Features

Introduction of Proper Registration Mechanism in District Lahore

  • Issuance of route permits
  • Issuance of driving licenses
  • Activation of CRO in case of theft of vehicles is successfully implemented in Lahore District
  • Centralized database
  • Centralized facility for the production of number plates
  • Courier services
  • Procurement of necessary hardware, software & other items and delivered to all the concerned
  • Proper networking of the concerned offices
  • Wireless connectivity of stake holder departments

Phase - II

E-government is one of the priority areas of the National IT Policy and Action Plan. Automation of vehicle records and related field operations is helping in reducing hassle, increasing transparency and enabling fast communication from central databases. This would augment the e-government efforts, build the back office efficiencies, facilitate better public service delivery to the citizens and thus create a service-oriented culture in the public sector. Implementation work was started for the replication of MVR (Excise Components) in other districts of the Punjab, after getting approval of Phase-II, by P&D Department. Currently, the project have successfully implemented in all over the Punjab. The Central Facility (CFMTMIS), has been set up, the vision behind creating facility is to provide a wide data to the central management of the province, collected from concerned offices / departments. CFMTMIS have been connected with all the district’s Excise offices of the Punjab, through VPN connectivity. Moreover, Excise & Taxation Department, Transport Department, Driving Licensing Authority, Environment Protection Department and Criminal Record Offices of the Lahore district have been connected through wireless.

Salient Features

Introduction of Proper Registration Mechanism in all the 36 Districts of the Punjab:

  • Customized application of Motor Vehicle Registration system with an outstanding process flow.
  • Replication, deployment, training and maintenance of MVR application in all the districts of Punjab.
  • Establishment of LAN infrastructure at district level.
  • Connectivity among all the Excise offices of the Punjab.
  • Centralized databases.
  • Application is ready for online Token Tax Collection.
  • Registration of more than 3.6 Million vehicles of different categories.
  • Facilitating LEAs by specifying alphabets and colors scheme of Registration Marks / Number Plates.
  • Introducing specific area code preceded by category code (3rd Alphabet).
  • Web based tax calculator for new registration & for post registration transactions.
  • State of the art facility in DHA Office Lahore has been launched.
  • Creation of Collection Centers for increasing revenue & efficient collection.
  • Mobile VAN for efficient Tax Collection.
  • Data Entry and document scanning of Historical files.
  • Automation of stationery printing for issuing notices to tax defaulters.
  • Online connectivity with Customs Authorities for the verification of imported vehicles.
  • Online data sharing with other provinces.
  • Online verification of vehicle through Excise and Taxation website
  • Delivery of documents through courier services.
  • Document scanning of the registered vehicles.
  • Introduction of Return File System.
  • 5.2 Millions of vehicles have been digitized scaled up to 8.6 Millions.
  • An amount of PKR 23/- Billions have been collected so far under said project.

A Visionary Approach to Efficient Management

The new software and system architecture improved the existing practices in such a manner that multiple queries may help to retrieve any information on a broad spectrum and helping in data mining for decision support system. The buyers of vehicles will be sure about the genuineness of ownership of the vehicle while transacting upon them and before making payment of any pending tax liability. The information about registered vehicles are now available for the general public through Excise & Taxation website, along with the state of the art utility of “Tax Calculator”, for the calculation of Total Paid Amount, in account of applicants against New Registration or Post Transactions, depends upon the Govt. Rules & Regulation (Taxes & Fees etc). A central database have been developed containing all the particulars of vehicles along with their ownership and Tax Paid Status. The central database is being updated with each transaction. This automation reduced the paperwork. Currently, central databases of MVR-MTMIS project contained the data of 5.2 million of registered vehicles.