Co-founder and CEO GSA Jodi Shelton Visited PITB

September 23, 2021

Co-founder and CEO Global Semiconductor Alliance (GSA) Jodi Shelton visited PITB for a meeting with Punjab Minister for Higher Education & Information Technology Raja Yassir Humayun Sarfraz. The purpose of the visit was to gain an insight into the ICT initiatives of the Government of Punjab and explore areas of mutual collaboration.

Chairman PITB Azfar Manzoor gave a detailed brief on the key ICT initiatives executed by PITB. Discussion was also held on Pakistan’s freelance industry and PITB’s role in youth and women empowerment. She was also given a tour of PITB’s Plan 9 for an interactive session with various startups.

Jodi Shelton is credited with initiating GSA Women's Leadership Initiative (WLI) aimed at empowering women and women-led start-ups. She lauded PITB for its efforts and support in empowering women and youth through IT initiatives.

DG e-Governance Sajjid Latif was also present at the meeting.