PITB Conducts 2-Day Demonstration Sessions for IPO Officials

May 26, 2022

PITB is facilitating Intellectual Property Organization (IPO) Pakistan to automate their business processes and Back Office operations. In this regard, officers from IPO-Pakistan visited PITB to attend a two-day demonstration session on PITB developed Human Resource Management Information System (HRMIS) and Financial Management System (FMS).

The back office automation shall make the internal processes of IPO-Pakistan simple, reduce response time, ensure transparency in organizational processes and promote paperless work environment.

PITB Joint Director e-Governance Syed Nayyer Ali briefed IPO-Pakistan’s delegation on the systems that shall enable the public at large to apply online for the Intellectual Property process. Demonstration of the HRMIS & FMS was delivered by PITB’s relevant teams.

IPO-Pakistan’s delegation applauded the contribution of PITB for developing and deploying the state of the art software solutions in various government organizations.