Complaints Management for Overseas Pakistanis

Previously overseas Pakistanis had been facing various problems in communicating their issues to relevant authorities in their home country and required an efficient and accessible platform for this purpose. Similarly there was no proper mechanism available with the authorities to track the complaints lodged by overseas Pakistanis. PITB, in collaboration with the Overseas Pakistanis Commission (OPC), developed an online complaint portal for effective communication and to redress the complaints in time. The main reason behind setting up the online portal is to decrease workload and make the complaints tracking process easier. Moreover, it also facilitates the labor force in the middle-east countries who cannot access the online portal, by enabling them to call the helpline +9242-111-672-672 (+92 42 111-OPC-OPC), which runs parallel to the Overseas Complaint Portal. The OPC call representative enters all  the information into the system on behalf of a user. It is an online portal, which allows overseas residents to lodge  their complaints without having to make frequent visits to Pakistan. All they have to do is sign up on the website and enter the complaints regarding matters such as family disputes, property disputes, travel agents and airline related issues, criminal cases, financial disputes, issues related to cooperative society claim, etc. It also includes lodging a complaint for problems related to utilities, for example, water connection problems, telephone bills, electricity bills or sui-gas connection problems etc. The applicants can also have follow-ups on their complaints through OPC helpline or via directly commenting on their complaints.It has improve the overall efficiency to manage complaints efficiently. Currently, 7814 complaints have been lodged in portal out of which 3,579 have been resolved whereas the rest are under process. Using the previous manual system, the commission also did not have these comprehensive statistics.