Peaceful Pakistan

The Peaceful Pakistan programme was undertaken as part of the ‘Institutional Arrangements for Improving Media and National Narrative’ project in collaboration with the Information and Culture Department, Government of the Punjab, and the Inter-Services Public Relations (ISPR). It aims to promote tolerance, interfaith harmony, peaceful co-existence and an  verall positive image of Pakistan over popular social media platforms (Facebook, Twitter) and through the programme website. It entails production of highly creative content including short films, animations and infographics which target impressionable segments of the society. Peaceful Pakistan has, since its birth in 2015, expanded its reach phenomenally to around 40 million people across Pakistan. Thus far, more than 3,000 original graphics and over 850 campaign videos have been produced by Peaceful Pakistan with an active outreach of 157,591 followerson Facebook and over 3,000 followers on Twitter. The team at Peaceful Pakistan is also responsible for analysing and vetting possibly objectionable Facebook/Twitter pages, blogs and websites promoting violence, hate speech, sectarianism and extremism in Pakistan. In case such material is found, these weblinks are directly reported to the Pakistan Telecommunication Authority (PTA) for necessary action on a regular basis. Out of a total of 2,950 links vetted by the team, 171 were declared objectionable and duly reported to the authorities.