Launched in August 2012, Plan9 is Pakistan's largest technology incubator that aims to facilitate technological entrepreneurship in the country by providing a nurturing ecosystem for the sustainable growth of product based early stage startups. Housed on the 9th floor of the Arfa Software Technology Park, Plan9 inducts teams bi-annually, making each incubation cycle of 6 months. Services such as free office space, legal advisory, marketing and monthly stipends are funded by the Government of the Punjab.
Our incubation programme is giving a new meaning to the business culture of Pakistan. Running a business is no longer a surreal wish – aspiring entrepreneurs as young as fresh college graduates can now setup their own business with the help of Plan9. Plan9 helps entrepreneurs in the early days of their journey and hatches successful and sustainable startups from mere business ideas in a period of just 6 months.
The incubation model adopted by Plan9 is one of a kind, a tailor-designed process that is aimed at fostering our startups alone. Unlike other incubators, we take absolutely no equity. We accept teams that are well integrated and working on a tech based product. Young, fresh and inventive entrepreneurs fall back in developing the right connections, industrial know-how and gaining attention. At Plan9, we provide an environment conducive to the success of a startup that resolves all afore-mentioned predicaments.
The incubated teams are placed at Level 9 of ASTP where besides developing their products, they are rigorously engaged in trainings, mentoring and product review sessions. The exposure to the industry and opportunity to create a professional network is uncommon and second to none within the country.  We guide in the following areas:

  • Product Development
  • Business Development
  • Financial Planning
  • Pitch Training
  • Marketing and PR
  • Corporate Communication
  • Customer Acquisition
  • Internal Operations
  • Legal Concerns

The incubation process, in a nutshell, is as follows:

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Focal Person: Uzair Shahid
Manager: Nabeel Qadeer