Prisons Management Information System

Previously, prison inmate data was recorded on registers. Management and retrieval of these records was quite cumbersome. The data included detailed information about legal histories of inmates housed in various prisons. This included the date of their admission, their fingerprints, their court dates, jail transfers, medical histories, parole and crime details. The government of the Punjab felt the need to update prison records to strengthen the criminal justice system. PITB developed the Prisons Management Information System (PMIS) for this purpose. It was implemented in Lahore District Jail as a pilot project.


Enlisted below are the salient features of PMIS:

  • A comprehensive online database of more than 3,000 inmates which uses an automated fingerprint identification system (AFIS)
  • Planning and execution of reformatory measures
  • Regulation and management of day-to-day affairs related to courts
  • Facilitation of the public through fast-track registration of interviews and instant redressal of public grievances
  • Maintenance of a comprehensive database of prison staff, including their career profiles, salaries, bank accounts and HR-related data
  • Stock and inventory management, which includes management and automation of the grain godowns, medicine stores and other miscellaneous stores.
  • Automation of budgeting, procurement processes and financial transactions

The PMIS will be integrated with the following:

  • The Home Department
  • The Punjab Police
  • Lahore High Court
  • The Anti-Corruption Establishment

PMIS has ensured efficient control and management of jail affairs. It requires less manpower and time. It also aids instant and informed decision making and planning. It has significantly facilitated visitors. Through the PMIS, information of 49,776 prisoners, 8,503 visitors and 136 patients hospitalised in the jail has been gathered.