Computerisation of Police Stations CMS

Registration of a complaint (for example loss of an ID card or vehicle theft) at a police station used to be tedious work. The complainant had to visit the police station in person and there was no mechanism for follow-ups and no platform for police officials to check the total number of complaints at a particular police station.  Police personnel were also considered unwelcoming and the procedures for lodging a complaint were unclear to the general public. To resolve these issues, the PITB developed an automated web-based complaint management system. Details of the complaints and the complainants are entered in the system and a complaint number is provided to the complainant through SMS. Every police station in the Punjab has a front desk where police staff greet complainants and register their complaints in this system.

The CMS system provides an interface to complainants to check the status of their complaint and a dashboard for police officials to monitor activity. This system is operational across the Punjab. The system has helped bridge the gap between the police and the public. Police officers can now precisely know the details of pending complaints  in every police station. This has helped them organise daily meetings at their offices to review the progress of these complaints and take action in this regard. As many as 1,194,802 complaints have been registered across the province and 871,812 were resolved.

Division-Wise Report