Punjab Police HRMIS

The Punjab Police lacked a comprehensive and retrievable online personnel database which contained their personal data, service history and ACRs (performance reports). Each officer had a paper-based file called Aamal Nama which contained his personal data including postings, rewards, punishments etc. The file required manual maintenance, was often incomplete and prone to tampering.

The HRMIS is a web application that records and maintains HR-related data of police employees. It has one module for officers of grade 17 and above and another for grade 16 and below. It contains complete personal details of each police officer, their service history and ACRs. The HRMIS is operational in all 36 districts of the Punjab. All transfer and posting orders are generated through this system. The system also ensures that no fake transfer/postings and hirings take place because all orders are system-generated and QR code enabled which can be cross-checked with the system anytime. A police officer’s performance is also gauged through the HRMIS. As many as 21,726 posting orders have been generated through HRMIS to date. It also contains online attendance of 85 police stations in Lahore. It has gained acknowledgement across the country and governments of other provinces have asked to replicate it in their jurisdictions.

The Punjab Police and PITB have deployed the HRMIS system in Sindh. It has enabled the Sindh Police Department to manage violations in the standard operating procedure (SOP) of transfers and postings.