Punjab Public Management Reform Program

Information technology is globally recognized as a vital tool for accelerated economic growth, efficient governance and human resource development. Keeping in view importance of technology, PITB has the mandate for establishing consequential strategies to enable the province to achieve its IT potential. World Bank in collaboration with PITB has started the program to strengthen the resource management system of the Punjab by undertaking several IT initiatives to improve the efficiency of service delivery, transparency, resource management and smart monitoring. The program is titled internally at PITB as “IT Centric Interventions and Smart Monitoring under Punjab Public Management Reforms Program” with an umbrella spanning over seven key departments of Government of Punjab. These departments are listed below:

  • Livestock and Dairy Development
  • Agriculture
  • Health
  • Irrigation
  • Board of Revenue
  • Education
  • Local Government and Community Development

The project operation supports a subset of the government’s program named Punjab Public Management Reform Program (“the Program”) that seeks to address key constraints to service delivery. In particular, the Program aims to:

  • Address existing information barriers to access key services
  • Improve the management of key services
  • Sustain the reform momentum by supporting the creation of fiscal space

PITB within the said project primarily focuses on following areas ranging from website publishing to development to smart phone based applications. Phased implementation is underway in line with results framework as defined in “Project Appraisal Document” (PAD) for five year long program.


Smart Monitoring

Vet Inspect

“Vet-Inspect”; a smart phone application for District Livestock Officers (DLOs) and Deputy District Livestock Officers (DDLOs) throughout Punjab. “Vet-Inspect” enables district administrative officers to inspect facility per pre-defined KPIs and report data on the move, View Details



HealthWatch initiative is operational all over Punjab with more than 8,000 visits submitted since February 5th 2014. Android-based smartphones have been provided to districts supervisory officers (i.e. EDO, DDHO, and DHO) who have been tasked to visit health facilities (BHU, THQ, RHC and DHQ) in their subsequent tehsils. Supervisory officers report data through HealthWatch application for indicators like non-functional equipment, stock-out medicines/vaccine and absenteeism, the supervisors are mandated to take a selfie which is then submitted along with the using android based smart phone. View Details

Public Disclosures

Public Disclosure of Field Performance Information and Citizen Feedback Under PPMRP are mentioned as below:


  Services Supervision of Field Services
  Personnel CEO, District Health Officer, Deputy District Health Officer
  Performance Information http://www.monitoring.punjab.gov.pk/healthwatch/compliance_public
  Citizen Feedback http://www.monitoring.punjab.gov.pk/healthwatch/citizenFeedback


  Services Field-based immunization of infants and young children
  Personnel Vaccinators
  Performance Information https://open.punjab.gov.pk/evaccs/
  Citizen Feedback https://open.punjab.gov.pk/evaccs/


  Services Agriculture extension and dissemination of information and best practices activities conducted for farmers
  Personnel Agriculture Officer and Field Assistant
  Performance Information http://www.agrismart.pitb.gov.pk/open_public/ppmrp
  Citizen Feedback http://www.agrismart.pitb.gov.pk/open_public/farmers

School Education

  Services Regular monitoring and data collection of administrative data of teacher and student attendance from schools
  Personnel Monitoring and Evaluation Assistant
  Performance Information https://open.punjab.gov.pk/schools/