Project Based Learning

Thursday, September 20, 2012

This project-based learning competition using Alice Programming Application is jointly organized by PITB and Oracle. Alice is a free innovative 3D programming environment created by Carnegie Mellon University and funded by Oracle, and designed to give a first exposure to Java via simple drag and drop procedures to create animation for telling a story or playing an interactive game.

Training Workshop

Free training is provided to all the participants to introduce fundamental programming concepts and terminology in an easy, engaging manner. The training workshop lays the foundation for educators with little or no programming experience to learn Java working with the Alice 3 interactive development environment.

Learning Objectives

Educators will

  • Use storytelling techniques to develop an animation using Java.
  • Learn about problem solving and writing a storyboard
  • Define a scene and animate actors using programming constructs.
  • Understand procedure definition, algorithms, functions, and conditional statements.
  • Gain valuable insight on how Alice 3 environment can be integrated into a variety of academic subjects.

Lesson Outline

  1. Telling a Story Visually
  2. Creating a Scene by Adding and Positioning Objects
  3. Using Procedures
  4. Declaring Procedures
  5. Using Control Statements and Functions
  6. Using the IF and WHILE Control Statements
  7. Using Expressions
  8. Using Variables and Keyboard Controls to Manipulate Motion

Workshop Schedule

Time: 10:00 AM to 5:00 PM One day workshop

  • University Institute of IT, Arid Agriculture University, Rawalpindi
    25th September, 2012
  • University of Education, Township, Lahore
    26th September, 2012
  • Punjab Information Technology Board, 84-E Model Town, LahoreĀ 
    27th September, 2012