Supervising Schools in a Smart Way

Friday, May 8, 2015
Supervising schools has been quite a drill for government education officers and teachers. For the past 67 years, teachers and MEAs of public school had to manually fill in the paper forms consisting of at least 250 fields. The information fed in these documents mostly comprised of the same information, such as the school’s name, its locality, the Principal’s or Headmaster’s/ Headmistress’ name, at every visit. This exercise was time consuming taking at least 45 minutes on one form of a school. Furthermore, an MEA was required to send the paper reports to the concerned DMO, who got the data digitized in Excel to be sent to PMIU. Operator errors and time delays were, therefore, inherit to this process.

“To upgrade an education system, it is not only required to revise the syllabus taught across the schools but also to revise the system from its very core.  The government has, therefore, restructured the system for better upgrading of education institutes across Punjab.  Under School Monitoring System school education department officials pay monthly visit to each of its 54,000 schools across the province. These officials are required to report key stats such as student enrolment, teacher presence, and the availability of utilities at a school,” said an enthusiastic government teacher.

Initiated with the supervision of PITB, the field staff is equipped with SIM-enabled tablet-PCs that allow these officers to digitally submit forms during their on-site visits.  Trained by PITB to use the application, field staff is able to update real-time reporting with pictorial evidence, geo-tagging of sites visited and automatic alerts based on below target performance.

Sharing his experience, an  MEA of public school said, “Through the tablet based system we are able to ensure proper and hassle-free monitoring of schools while having quick response by PMIU through real time information management and reporting. We are about 950 MEAs using the tablet-based system with built in details for 54000 schools across 36 districts of Punjab.” The goal has been achieved by making the gathered data available online on a geo-spatial dashboard right after an MEA logged in the details through his tablet-PC.

Our education system adopted from colonial authorities is considered outdated by international school system because of lack of certain facilities. The current government is heavily focused on training teachers, facilitating students with better education, and upgrading the system with latest technology to ensure better operations. With School Monitoring System, education department is able to spot issues and give instant solution to improve the education system across the nation.