Smart Phones/ Tablets, New era of Technology!

Friday, February 20, 2015

Technology has been widely dispersed on different forms of Communication. Modernization in community leading us towards the best use of technological innovations. It has become easy for new generation to learn about technology due to various Technological interventions e.g Tablets and Smartphones.  Smartphones combine the functionality of PDAs, wireless PCs, phones, and even digital cameras in one handset, making it a powerful business tool.

Smart Phones have made things easier and more accessible. People use phones for multi tasking. PITB’s efforts are admirable due to the use of tablets and smart phones. Tablets are being used in many projects for creating transparency in different systems. For example there are two projects, Programme Monitoring & Implementation Unit & DTE Monitoring, which aims to collect data for the monitoring of schools for their basic needs and performance based Teachers’s monitoring. Real-time reporting of schools resulted with the help of tablet is a huge improvement. The number of schools visited and other evaluation data report made every month in Tablets which are given to the MEAs (Monitoring and evaluation Assistants) for visit. It is surely an active system for the quality education in all the districts of Punjab.

PITB also took initiative of m-governance for the control of working of vaccinators by tracking them through smartphones. Now, 5000 vaccinators are being tracked via their smartphones. Moreover, in collaboration with Ministry of Hajj Affairs, PITB’s started working on Hajj Management System which widely relies on smartphones apps for gathering data of complaints by Hujjaj in KSA and monitoring the Hajj Group Organizers. It significantly helped in solving and facilitating the queries and problems faced by Hujjaj on their trip on urgent basis and tracking the officers on duty.

Beyond communication at a huge level, smartphones offer some basic computing functions such as e-mail and web browsing which were until recently the domain of laptops. Tablets have captured the imagination of enterprises too. They are being used by sales people to record sales, access data and read analysis reports. The greater functionality is smartphones can do things much more quickly. The in built cameras in smartphones and tablets offer remote workers or offsite staff of any organization instant photographs and images or videos of anything from supplier's goods to site inspections or damaged warehouse machinery. In short, Smart phones make you feel that you are never out of touch in any way. When we overlook on the advantages of this new invention, we can witness that smartphone handsets can function as personal organizers too with electronic diaries, contact lists, and automatic reminders. It helps in making work more flexible, by keeping it in your hand. More and more services are being made available on smartphones, from access to maps to television transmissions with news coverage or weather reports to traffic information and scheduling alerts, which means your business, can always stay one step ahead of what's going on.

Technologies and markets change rapidly so it is always wise to take steps ahead towards the new methods of technology. Projects by PITB are vigorously involving new technology in their work for facilitating more and more citizens by Government.