Smart Police Facilitation Center

The Punjab Police has developed facilitation centres for the public known as Police Service Centres. These centres provide 10 major services. These include:

  • Reporting missing or stolen documents
  • Issuing character certificates
  • General police verification
  • Issuing copies of FIRs
  • Issuing and renewing driving licences
  • Tenant registration
  • Employee registration
  • Crime reports
  • Legal aid

Although these centres provide essential services, their processes need to be streamlined for efficiency. The PITB has developed a software solution in this regard, known as the Smart Police Facilitation Centre (SPFC). This is a web-based software which provides a one-window interface for front desk officers at these service centres. It is integrated with parent systems like the FIR management system and the complaints management system. The SPFC also provides a comprehensive dashboard for police officers to monitor response time and the steps taken to address applications submitted by the citizens.The system generates alerts for pending applications so that their processing can be expedited. The SPFC Vehicle Verification Module provides a complete mechanism for verification of a vehicle. This module is integrated with Anti-Vehicle Lifting Staff (AVLS) system through which a vehicle’s record can be checked. In addition, the system is integrated with Excise Department data which aids quick verification of vehicles. The SPFC also generates character certificates, making the process automated and paperless. The system is integrated with Criminal Record Office for background checks of applicants and with NADRA to avoid forgery. A citizen does not need to visit police stations and one can receive their character certificate in half the time taken by the manual process.