Sindh Police IT Initiatives

Over the years, Punjab Information Technology Board has helped the Punjab Police strengthen their operations & management bringing about a transformation in the policing culture with the amount of crime and criminals data  now gathered and digitally stored, the department has documented improvements in its crime prevention and investigation capabilities. Looking at the improved culture and performance of Punjab Police, Sindh Chief Secretary requested Punjab government to extend them similar automation.  

Currently, PITB in collaboration with Sindh police has deployed the listed web modules for their efficient management:

Human Resource Management Information System

Maintains the personnel database containing personal data, service history, ACRs, transfers/postings, rewards, punishments, etc. So far profiling of 85,559 out of 126,000 police individuals has been done.

Police Station Complaint Management System

At every police station all the complaints are recorded in a centralized system wherein the dashboard empowers police officials to monitor activities & ensure efficient disposal of the same. The system also provides an interface to complainants to check the status of their complaint. Sindh Police is currently undergoing training to roll out this system in their police stations.

Tenant Registration System

According to the law, it is mandatory for tenants and owners of houses to register at police stations when signing contracts. The applications enables to register and monitor tenants. So far 30,564 tenants registered have been registered in Karachi.

IGP Complaint Management System

The office of Inspector General of the Sindh Police has a complaint cell that looks after complaints against police across the province. In collaboration with the IGP’s office a state-of-the-art complaint cell through which complainants can lodge grievances against police has been established. The system enables the complainants to track the status of their complaints. It also provides an interactive dashboard and comprehensive reporting mechanism for the management to have complete view of applications being submitted across the province and their resolution status. As of now, 3,300 complaints have been registered.

Criminal Record Office

This system digitizes the complete record of the criminals especially their fingerprints in a centralized system. For criminal record verification of suspects, biometric devices are connected with the system which are used for both live and latent fingerprints scanning and matching. Till now 141,934 criminals’ records have been entered.

CMS Facilitation Center

To facilitate general public to avail police services, Sindh Police has established Facilitation Centers initially in Karachi. Currently, there are 5 facilitation centers operating where citizens can walk in to avail multiple services under one roof instead of visiting Police Station. So far, 16,685 requests have been received and entered in system.

Hotel Eye

According to Temporary Resident Act 2015 Sindh, all Hotels and Guest Houses are required to provide the guest checking in details to relevant police station. Hotel eye software enables the hotel owners to enter the guest details in the system which is viewable by the respective police station for monitoring. To-date, 25,424 Check in Check Outs have been entered in the system. This has been rolled out to 90 Hotels across Sindh province so far”