Computerization of Transport Department

The project aims to automate the Transport Department by enabling regional transport authorities to issue computerised route permits, certificates of fitness, licences of bus stands and goods forwarding agencies etc.

Salient Features

Enlisted below are some salient features of the project:

  • Maintaining correct and updated databases of vehicle population
  • Revalidating vehicle population by identifying vehicles of questionable origin
  • Ensuring transparency
  • Ensuring on-spot verification of route permits, certificate of fitness etc
  • Increasing revenue and ensuring effective monitoring of revenue receipts
  • Creating a data-hub to facilitate other agencies like Criminal Record Office, Motor Vehicle Examiner Office, Motor Registration Authority etc.

The project helps improve service delivery leading towards a better transport management system. The project objectives are also aligned with the government’s efforts to curb corruption in public offices. Digitisation of route permits, fitness certificates and licence of bus stands ensures transparency. Computerisation of the transport system not only enhances performance but also precision. The centralised system is already operational across the Punjab with over a million route permits issued so far. Revenue of PKR 2/- billion has been collected since the induction of the system.