Tech It Out with Hasnain Sheikh

TechHub Connect has initiated a Tech-Talk series called “Tech It Out”. Through this initiative, we will be inviting leaders of the IT industry to come and talk about their journey and share their experiences. “Tech It Out” will not only help the aspiring entrepreneurs with their struggles but will also be helpful for the freelancers who can benefit from the wisdom and knowledge of the industry’s veterans.

For the first session of “Tech It Out” we invited Mr. Hasnain Sheikh (CEO and co-founder of Inov8 Limited) to talk about his journey. He shared some amazing tips with aspiring entrepreneurs so that they could learn ways of keeping themselves afloat. For already established startups, he revealed secrets that could help them up their game. His words of wisdom showed a magnitude of experience which the audience found inspirational and were captivated throughout the session. This marks a brilliant start to our Tech Talk series. View pictures

Event Details

Septemeber 28, 2017
3:00pm - 5:00pm
Arfa Software Technology Park