Tech It Out with Suneel Manj (Pak Wheels)

Mehak Jamal (Sr. Program Manager at Punjab Itboard) officially began the event by telling the students about the different programs which #TechHub runs and how students can benefit from these opportunities Representatives from all the initiatives under the Entrepreneurship Wing (Plan9 - PITB's Tech Incubator, PlanX, Herself, Chief Minister's e-Rozgaar Program.) presented the ideology behind their projects and the impact they have made on the local community of Pakistan Students were give a round of the spaces where they interacted with different freelancers and startups and got valuable insights on how to become self-sustainable! Nabeel A. Qadeer explained the ethos of Tech It Out which is to inspire the youth to follow the footsteps of local heroes with outstanding achievements. He then invited Mr. Suneel Sarfraz Munj (Chairman & co-founder to the stage whose words of wisdom helped students understand what mindset they need to have to be able to turn their dreams into reality! "There is no such thing as easy money, you have to work hard. Your ideas might work perfectly in theory but it's important to test things on practical grounds so do your research and keep in touch with reality"- Suneel Munj

Event Details

August 12, 2017
4 pm onwards
TechHub Connect Hub