Punjab Police Toolkit

The Punjab Police is a large workforce and most field officers require access to various datasets for cases under investigation. PITB developed a mobile application through which access to these datasets could be provided to authorized police officers in real-time. An android application was developed and officers were trained in the use of the application. Police officers using this application can now access all police-related data through this system. At the backend of the application, a log of each activity in the system is being maintained and requests of every user can be monitored. The monitoring incharge can see how many vehicles were checked by a particular officer. Daily performance can be monitored and high achievers can also be tracked using the dashboard, incentivising good work. This project has benefited investigation officers immensely. They can access required information within seconds rather than commuting to a certain office to get the information. The application has aided arrests of suspicious persons and recovery of stolen vehicles. Another feature of the application is that it is connected to an integrated database, connecting all 36 districts of the Punjab.