Get Informed About Things Reformed

Monday, July 10, 2017
People are always keen to know, explore and learn things that they are unfamiliar with, we call it “human nature”. Everyone has the right to information through transparency. Keeping this in view, Government of Punjab set up the Punjab Transparency and RTI Act, 2013 which will empower citizens to access the information, boost transparency, that will eventually strengthens accountability, reduces corruption and improves delivery of public services.

In order to practice the ‘Right To Information’ and improve the online presence of Government of the Punjab, Punjab Information Technology Board (PITB) facilitates the various government departments in developing their websites, based on a proven content management system used worldwide for deploying secure, reliable, and approval-based content workflow. Furthermore, PITB also facilitates the government departments with a secure hosting environment for their websites/portals. More than 100 websites are so far designed, developed and made live on a proven content management system.

PITB manages things from content structuring and development, design conception to technical support, it trains the nominated department officials on the user-friendly content management system deployed to develop these websites. This capacity building ensures that once the website is up and running, departments have the required knowledge to ensure its regular updating and maintenance independently. All these services are provided ‘Free of Cost’ (FOC).

Following are the major websites being managed by PITB, the record of their Unique Visitors (UV) and Hits is also being maintained. The chart shows that the websites are huge successful and has enormous number of unique visits and hits.

On the other hand, another target to achieve in the year 2015 is to enable Police Departments to make best use of IT techniques for the improvement in the system and enhancement of the interaction with the public in a better way. The web presence of Police Department aims to create government transparency and openness. It will facilitate citizens to get aware of security system and other services offered by Police in an appropriate manner. PITB will be providing assists in making District Police Office websites “live”. Following websites are being made live: