WASA Online Duplicate Billing System

Punjab Information Technology Board developed an Online Duplicate Billing System for WASA in 2013. Prior to the online system, the clients had to visit their respective WASA zonal offices in order to retrieve their duplicate bills; thus resulting in a lot of fatigue, hassle and confusion. The Online Duplicate Billing System designed by PITB has, therefore, saved a lot of hassle and fatigue at the consumer's end. The system allows the WASA clients to download a duplicate bill whenever required at their ease by simply providing an assigned eight digit account number. Moreover, PITB has also trained the officials of WASA to manage their billing database; every month the zonal offices of WASA upload their respective bills to the system; hence enabling easy access to the billing data.

In addition to the Online Duplicate Billing System, PITB manages WASA's online presence. The website along with many other user friendly details displays the various tariffs (domestic, commercial, industrial and charitable) offered by WASA and also illustrates the locations/banks where clients can pay their bill(s).